Business & VIP programs

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The service of Businessmen & VIP’s is characterized by providing privacy and attention to detail; therefore, Hatra Travel & Tourism seeks to offer them with most distinctive service whilst understanding the special nature of their needs and requirements of their busy schedules.

Hatra Travel & Tourism employs specialized staff for serving Businessmen & VIP’s and established special sections to provide the service for this sector.

Characteristics of the Service:

  1. Employing specialized staff to meet the requirements of Businessmen & VIP’s.
  2. Providing meet and assist services in all the airports across the kingdom upon request.
  3. Issuing boarding passes upon arrival at the airport.
  4. Issuance of portal passes cards at international airports
  5. Confirming, delaying, cancelling and following up reservations throughout their trip.
  6. Providing hotel and airport transfers upon request.
  7. Securing the services of extra baggage delivery in all the cities of the world.