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13 Years anniversary

Hatra tourism celebrated recently the 13th anniversary. 13 years of successful and professional services to clients who always trusted us.


Al-Hatra Tourism Company is considered to be a major innovator in its services and work methods. It is looking forward to everything new in its fields of work and applies state of the art approches to everything that would develop its services and bring it closer to its customers.

Authorised Center

Hatra Tourism is an authorised centre from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs , Dubai - UAE. Hatra Tourism is an authorised centre to issue UAE visit visa.

Trust & professionality

Al-Hadar Tourism has taken the principles of trust and professionalism as a basis for its transactions and the services it provides since the first day of its establishment. It has earned the reputation of being professional with thousands of customers over the age of over 13 years

Best price guarantee

Hatra Tourism takes pricing seriously, it believes price is an important element of business competition. Therefore, prices are always kept low.

Close to customers

Al Hadar Tourism Company prides itself on its proximity to its customers. Where it always strives to open new communication channels with customers. Now you communicate with the Hatra tourism by telephone, Whats App, Facebook, live chat, and even outside the official working hours


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